Electrical System Diagnostics

Autowerks of Fayetteville, Inc.

Test and diagnose Battery, Starter, Alternator and shorted or open circuits.

Autowerks uses a vast array of diagnostic equipment for all types of electrical problems:

Midtronics inTELLECT - Advanced electrical system analyzer - The inTELLECT combines Midtronics innovative technologies for testing the battery, starting and charging systems, along with additional tools and diagnostics


Snap-on Vantage - The Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter is a component-testing powerhouse that combines a graphing digital multimeter with a diagnostic database. It's like having access to a complete library of shop manuals for testing engine-management components, transmission sensors and components, and ABS systems.


We also carry NAPA batteries in stock for your convenience.