Air Conditioning Diagnostics

Autowerks of Fayetteville, Inc.

Here in the south, the summer heat and humidity can be extremely difficult. Autowerks can diagnose and repair your vehicle's air conditioning system properly and professionally to keep you cool.


Autowerks has invested in the newest Air Conditioning equipment available.

Robinair Dual Refrigerant Recovery, Recycle, Recharging System - Able to measure Freon in 100th of an once increments. By measuring how much Freon is in your system, we are able to charge you for only the amount of Freon your vehicle needs, this way you aren't paying for Freon you already owned. A shop without this ability is guessing at how much Freon they are charging you for as well as how much they are adding to your vehicle. A system improperly charged by as little as 2% too much or too little will not perform properly.

Robinair Refrigerant Identifier - We are able to determine if the system has been contaminated with other types of refrigerant (i.e. R-134a in an R-12 System), air (air in the system indicates a leak or improper servicing procedures), or combustible gases ( propane gas has been used in unscrupulous shops as a refrigerant). A contaminated system will never cool properly and can be dangerous if a combustible gas has been added. A shop without an identifier has no way of knowing if the system will perform properly or if their own recovery equipment has been contaminated. A contaminated recovery machine will contaminate your vehicles system when recharged.

Autowerks of Fayetteville, Inc.

Bacharach H10PM All Refrigerant Leak Detector - Our refrigerant leak detection equipment is able to detect a Freon leak as small as 1/10th of an once over a 12 month period. Freon has become too costly only to have leak back out of the system in a short period of time.

Autowerks of Fayetteville, Inc.